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March 1991 - April 1993: MascoTech Marketing                                             
•  Programmer/Analyst on an HP3000-950.
•  Utilized COBOL ANSI-74, MPEX, TDP, PowerHouse 6.09 (QUIZ, QUICK, QTP, QDD and PDL), Turbo Image, QUERY, DBCHANGE, DBUTIL, DBSCHEMA, DICTDBU, DICTDBL and Reflection to design, develop and implement several major systems, some of which include:
•  An order processing system to expedite the distribution of training materials for dealerships and wholesale personnel for a major automobile manufacturer;
•  Redesign inventory management system including all maintenance screens and reporting with the addition of an audit trail subsystem;
•  Conducted complete analysis, design and implementation of an interface between a PC based Friden/Alcatel Friendship shipping system and the HP3000. Determine bar code requirements for mailing labels used for UPS shipments, file transfer procedures and data base update programs to ensure accurate tracking of shipping information including costs used for customer billing;
•  Provided telemarketing screens and training for several short-term survey projects;
•  Redesigned data base and reporting to accommodate changes in existing customer satisfaction surveys for a major marine manufacturer;
•  Developed forms and reports using Elixir 2.10A, Windows 3.0, DOS 5.0, WordPerfect 5.1 and Arts & Letters for printing on a Xerox 9700 Series, Model 4850 Highlight Color Laser Printing System with duplex printing capabilities.
•  Responsible for supporting and maintaining all of the above and more.
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